I have been a Full Stack Developer for over 4 years and my development specialities include Ruby on Rails, Javascript, Ember, React, Postgres, and of course HTML/CSS.

I am Employee #1, and Head of Engineering at SidePrize. SidePrize allows you to place real money challenges against anyone in your fantasy sports league. I set up our integrations with Fantasy Sports Providers, built and documented an API for our mobile app, automated the settling of challenges, built our payment gateway system via PayPal, and built an analytics dashboard.

Previously, I worked for Enova (a technology and data analytics driven online lending company operating 11 brands in 6 countries) where I helped tear down a monothilic code base into a SOA structure, created and led a Culture Guild, and worked to Open Source a bunch of our technology including a CMS my team built from scratch.

I was also the #1 Employee at a startup called G2 Crowd (a yelp for enterprise products) where I helped build our patented G2 Crowd Grid, built the company admin, and was the lead developer on our SEO optimization strategy.

I attended the University of Wisconsin where I was a double major in Economics & Communication Arts. I came to be a developer 6 months out of college via a coding school, The Starter League. I love working with small teams where I get to utilize my business, marketing, and other diverse skills.

Here is my GitHub, Resume, LinkedIn, Twitter, and check out my Blog.

Technologists I look up to are DHH, Sandi Metz, Paul Graham, Uncle Bob, Martin Fowler, and Yehuda Katz.